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K LABS delivers ICT and Digital Training solutions with a flexible and customized approach able to satisfy any training need.


K Labs

Google Cloud certifications validate your expertise and show your ability to transform businesses with Google Cloud technology​.

K Labs goes along with you in your Google Cloud certification path, providing you with its Certified Trainers, Training Laboratories, Exam Simulators and a dedicated Tutor that helps you to prepare for the exam.

Thanks to our support, the percentage of candidates who obtain the certification at the first attempt is very close to 100%.

logo k labs nuovo-white

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Workspace (G Suite) Certification

Google Cloud certification in Google Workspace certifies that you have the digital skills to work collaboratively and productively in a professional environment.

Google Workspace Certification


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Associate Certification

Associate level certification focuses on the core competencies of implementation, monitoring and maintenance of projects on Google Cloud.  This certification is a good starting point for cloud newbies and can be used as a basis to start the path towards Professional level certifications.

Training pathway:

Google Cloud Associate Certification

Google Cloud Fundamentals:

Core Infrastructure 

Google Cloud Certification Workshop & Exam: Associate Cloud Engineer

Architecting with Google Compute Engine


Professional Certifications

Google Cloud Professional certifications assess advanced design, implementation and management skills. These certifications are recommended for people with experience in the industry who are familiar with Google Cloud products and solutions.


Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer

Professional Data Engineer

Make decisions based on data, collecting, transforming and publishing data. Design, develop, operate, protect and monitor data processing systems, with a focus on security and compliance, scalability and efficiency, reliability and fidelity, flexibility and portability.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect

Professional Cloud Architect

With an in-depth knowledge of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform, you will be able to design, develop and manage reliable, secure, scalable, highly accessible and dynamic solutions to achieve your business objectives.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer

Professional Cloud Developer

Develop scalable and highly reliable applications using Google recommended practices and tools. Gain more and more experience with cloud-native applications, developer tools, managed services and next-generation databases.

Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer

Professional Machine Learning Engineer

Design, develop and implement ML models to address business needs using Google Cloud technologies and knowledge of proven ML models and techniques.

Google Cloud Professional Network Engineer

Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Implement and manage network architectures in Google Cloud Platform. Leverage your experience in deploying VPC, hybrid connectivity, networking services and security for established network architectures; ensure successful cloud deployments using the command line interface or Google Cloud Platform Console.

Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Design and implement a secure infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform. Through an understanding of security best practices and industry security requirements, develop and manage a secure infrastructure using Google security technologies.

Professional Cloud Devops Engineer

Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

You are responsible for efficient development operations that balance service reliability and speed of delivery. Use the Google Cloud Platform to build software delivery pipelines, implement and monitor services, manage and learn from events.

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